When I’m not capturing your moments you can find me: at the beach jumping over waves, at home blasting music and singing to my cats (yes I am that person), or you can’t find me at all because I’ve locked myself in my room for a little me time which includes: Netflix, sour candies, 15 pillows and blankets galore!

I will be your kids best friend. I’m fluent in almost ALL Disney films, I’m great at playing tea party or dolls, and not to toot my own horn but according to my little cousin I have super powers! (Impressed yet?)

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How can you not be? So not only will I be the best third wheel you could ever ask for at our session, but I will be your biggest fan girl! No shame, you will hear a lot of “YES GIRL”, “OH MY GOD THAT’S BEAUTIFUL”, and “ONE MORE KISS!” at least 20 more times. 

Wedding clients can rest assured that I am just as obsessed, if not more, with your wedding! You can count on me to dive head first into making sure you have the best and most flawless, beautiful, and stress-free days ever! You can count on me to be your bestie on your wedding day. Down for a laugh, prepared for anything, and ready for the party!

Seriously OBSESSED with love.

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Fun Facts!

- iced chai lattes foreverrrrr

- Fall is my favourite season

- hopeless romantic crew right here!


- I get way too attached to books and movies. (honestly, it’s sad)